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Les Chroniques du Mont

From July 3rd to August 28th, 2021

The abbey night stroll

Les Chroniques du Mont

This year again, the Centre des monuments nationaux called on Amaclio Productions to create, direct and produce a summer night stroll inside the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, which welcomes thousands of visitors from the entire world. Discover this year the fourth creation of Bruno Seillier: Merveille.

This show is dedicated to the lovers of the Mont-Saint-Michel and its abbey, whether they be inhabitants of the mount in love with the various aspects of the monument, or passing visitors delighted by the beauty of the site. Les Chroniques du Mont, Merveille bring a fresh look on the Abbey.

The 2021 Edition

At nightfall, discover the Abbey, transformed by lights, sounds effects and video projections. Wander across the maze of the abbey, which becomes the precious casket of an original scenery. 

After “At the beginning”, “The Archangel” and “Between sea and sky”, dare to venture inside a new eerie night stroll and visit a Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey sublimated by a Bruno Seillier’s scenery.

For one night, the Abbey reveals itself in all its wonderful glory and makes its golden spire blaze into the night. Human masterpiece crowning a multisecular granite mount, discover the Merveille.

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  • A 1 hour

    night stroll

  • 48 nights

    Do not miss the 2021 edition!

  • 150 000+

    delighted visitors

This year

Visit the maze of the Abbey

A show for all ages

A family night stroll

A fresh look

On the Mont

The new night stroll in the Abbey, Les Chroniques du Mont, Merveille

The creator

Bruno Seillier

Bruno Seillier has created more than 70 shows. Even if he has explored many different genres of scenery (theatre, technological shows…), his trademark is the staging of major monuments of our heritage.

His specificity is to create shows which emphasizes a unique place: how can we magnify it without tarnishing its original essence? How can we match technology and historic monument? 

Amaclio Productions A story of shows
Director and producer

Amaclio Productions

Since 2012, Amaclio Productions create prestigious shows for an ever-bigger audience in emblematic French historic monuments.

Amaclio Productions creates, produces and sets events. The firm has been created by François NICOLAS, entrepreneur in love with history and literature, and by Bruno Seillier, director and scriptwriter, and it is specialized in the showcase of our heritage.

Amaclio Productions’ shows generate emotion and enchantment, and invite the spectator to broaden his knowledge of the landmark and its history.

The Centre des monuments nationaux 

The Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

The long history of Mont-Saint-Michel began in 708, when Bishop Aubert erected a first sanctuary on Mont Tombe in honour of the Archangel.

In 966, Benedictine monks settled there on request from the Duke of Normandy, Richard I.
These monks, under the authority of the Abbot, followed the Order of Saint Benedict, and were responsible for the growth of the new monastery. The Abbey very quickly became a major place of pilgrimage in the Christian West, but also one of the centres of medieval culture where a large number of manuscripts were produced and stored. Mont-Saint-Michel was given the nickname "City of the Books". At a political and intellectual crossroads, the Abbey was visited by a large number of pilgrims over the centuries, including several Kings of France and England.

This ancient monument offers  a diversity of architectural styles, as its construction began in the 10th century, continuing up to the 19th century restorations. The historical, political and economic situation throughout the Middle Ages had considerable influence on the works undertaken and the methods used. Over the centuries and following fires, collapses, reconstructions, changes in use or restorations, the Abbey has been transformed. The Abbey church, built on the summit of the Mount at 80 metres in altitude, sits on a 80 metre long platform, consisting of four crypts built into the spur of the rock.

The Merveille building is often cited as the jewel in the crown of the Abbey's architecture. This masterpiece of Norman Gothic art bears witness to the architectural expertise of the 13th century builders.