Les Chroniques du Mont 2021

This year again, the Centre des monuments nationaux, called on Amaclio Productions to create, direct and produce a summer night stroll inside the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, which welcomes ...


The Centre des monuments nationaux

The Centre des monuments nationaux curates the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey. Beyond the permanent maintenance required for a very visited landmark threatened by the weather, the Centre des monuments ...

Amaclio Productions Une histoire de spectacles

Amaclio Productions

Since 2012, Amaclio Productions has created prestigious shows for an ever-bigger audience in emblematic French historic monuments. Amaclio Productions creates, produces and sets events. The ...


The Établissement public national

The Public establishment of the Mont-Saint-Michel, recently created, has received from the State the mission to manage the site. In France, an industrial and commercial public establishment ...


Avranches Patrimoines

The city of Avranches, a few kilometres away from Mount Saint-Michel, is historically linked to the Abbey. The legend says that Avranches' bishop Saint Aubert erected the first primitive oratory ...

2021 Box office

The 2021 box office is now open. Go and get your tickets!