Information about health measures against Covid-19

We are glad to welcome our spectators for the 2021 edition of Les Chroniques du Mont.

This free night stroll offers the visitors the opportunity to discover the Abbey by night, by following a route, which goes throughout many rooms on various levels. The visitors can enjoy the course at their own pace, while guaranteeing social distancing.

The visit shall take place in accordance with the conditions defined by the public authorities, to guarantee our visitors and our teams the best possible protection. 

Hence we are implementing the following measures: 

Protective equipment

Wearing a mask is mandatory for people above 11 years old throughout the visit, from the entrance of the Abbey to its exit.

Reception and technical staffs are wearing disposable masks.

Hand sanitizer distributors are available for anyone to use.

Flows management

A one-way circulation has been put in place to avoid crossings. Entrances will be spaced out to control the flows of people entering the abbey.

Social distancing

Our staff makes sure that each group of spectators can keep a social distance with other groups.

Responsible behaviour

Because your safety is our concern, each spectator and each member of our staff must act responsibly by washing one's hands frequently, keeping social distances, avoiding to touch one's face, covering one's mouth and nose with one's arm when coughing or sneezing. 

Since 2012, Amaclio Productions has welcomed spectators in prestigious landmarks (Hôtel national des Invalides, Mont-Saint-Michel, Grand-Palais…). Thus, the company has developed significant expertise in flow management, in audience and staff security, and in public information.