Les Chroniques du Mont 2021

This year again, the Centre des monuments nationaux, called on Amaclio Productions to create, direct and produce a summer night stroll inside the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, which welcomes thousands of visitors coming from the whole world. Discover this year the fourth creation of Bruno Seillier: "Merveille".

After "At the beginning" and "The Archangel” and "Between sea and sky", dare to venture inside a new eerie night stroll and visit a Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey sublimated by a Bruno Seillier’s scenery.

For one night, the Abbey reveals itself in all its wonderful glory and makes its golden spire blaze into the night. Human masterpiece crowning a multisecular granite mount, discover the Merveille.

At nightfall, discover the Abbey, transformed by lights, sounds effect and video projection. Wander across the maze of the abbey, which becomes the precious casket of an original scenery. 

This show is dedicated to the lovers of the Mont-Saint-Michel and its abbey, whether they be inhabitants, in love with the various aspects of the monument, or passing visitors delighted by the beauty of the site.

Les Chroniques du Mont, Merveille bring a fresh look on the Abbey.